As the youngest of three brothers I was born on March 12th, 1962 in Roermond, Holland. My parents gave me the special name "Bernardus-Marie". Soon it turned out that this was somewhat impractical for day-to-day use. I guess for this reason the short form "Berrie" was created, which I changed myself into Berry during elementary school. Years later I found out that "Barry" probably would have been even cooler. The worries of a teenager. Meanwhile, I have other priorities and I have come back to my roots. Only the little "Marie" somehow got lost....


Unfortunately I could not convince my parents that with the name "Manders" there was only one suitable option for me and that was to become an internationally recognized actor. First I learned something "decent" as they called it. I studied hotel management at a hotel school based in Holland. After getting my diploma I worked in first-class hotels in Holland, Belgium, England and Germany for many years.


I had almost given up my dream job when in 1992 Rudi Carrell – one of the most famous TV hosts in Germany at that time and Dutch himself – offered me a minor role in a very popular German crime series. The inner fire began to blaze again. However, it took me almost another two years until I finally decided to finish my hotel career and to start with acting lessons at a private acting school. Passing the final examinations and getting my diploma as an ’’officially recognised actor’’ encouraged me to go for it and to follow my dream.


Since then I have played in many theater, film and television productions. It is still a great feeling to realize, over and over again, that acting is "my cup of tea". This profession is fun, gives me strength and really means a lot to me.